My Reading Academy

Accelerate Learning with a Reading Solution That Inspires Beginning and Early Readers.

My Reading Academy is a science-based, fully individualized, adaptive learning solution that is an ideal aid to classroom instruction, helping teachers meet each student’s needs.

Grounded in the Science of Reading and cognitive development research, My Reading Academy includes every element of complete reading instruction:

Engaging. Adaptive. Effective.

Putting students at the center of learning

My Reading Academy offers a game-based learning approach that provides interactivity, adaptive challenges, and ongoing feedback to sustain engagement and motivation.

Interactive and flexible formative assessments place students in the program in a fraction of the time of traditional placement tests, leaving more time for learning. 

Continuous embedded assessments keep students in their Zone of Proximal Development, with just the right amount of productive struggle to maximize learning rate.

Student learning is accelerated, and teachers are supported. 

My Reading Academy

Engagement for Effectiveness

Reading should be fun, and so should learning to read.

Each time they enter My Reading Academy, students are greeted by their learning companions, Bitsy, Nano, and the Blurts, in a beautifully rendered 3D world. Relatable instructional videos with our host provide exemplary modeling of learning behavior, inspiring students to try the same comprehension strategies they see their new friends employing.

Data Driven Insights for Action

Dashboards provide detailed data on each student, helping teachers and administrators focus on what’s most important: student progress.

Kindergarten students made tremendous gains with consistent usage.

Kindergarten Success

Proven in Practice

My Reading Academy has passed the real classroom test, with flying colors.

My Reading Academy is the result of  years of research, design, development, testing, and refinement by a team of literacy learning experts.  Teachers and district administrators who have used the product are enthusiastic about its effectiveness, integration into classroom practices, and ability to engage students.

A Complete Solution—the Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem

My Reading Academy helps teachers surround students with a responsive, adaptive environment for learning and mastery.

have access to an assortment of Dashboards that provide real-time data insights that are actionable with resources and Professional Development for teachers and administrators

Instructional Materials
are rooted in learning sciences and research to provide a variety of engaging instructional experiences specific to each child

Families and Caregivers have access to a Family Portal that provides a wealth of knowledge to support their children in their own individualized learning at home


Designed to empower educators. Designed to inspire readers.

Discover how Age of Learning’s newest educational solution can help take reading instruction to an entirely new level of effectiveness in your classroom, school, and district.