Personalized Mastery Solutions Designed for Young Learners


At Age of Learning School Solutions, we work with educators to reimagine education by delivering personalized, equitable instruction that accelerates achievement. Our solutions are designed to support every student in reaching mastery through a holistic approach to child learning and development.

Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem

Personalizing learning with an equity lens puts children at the center of a supportive learning environment that we call the Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem (PMLE™). The result is a focused collaboration of students, teachers, administrators, and families that creates powerful and effective learning experiences to keep students on track for success.

Built on the PMLE framework, My Math Academy is a solution with proven efficacy that sparks a love of math while effectively addressing the widely varying needs of early math learners:

  • Assesses each student’s progress at every point on their learning path.
  • Personalizes learning with fun, just-right challenges specific to individual learning progress.
  • Supports teachers with recommended student groupings and targeted instruction for groups.
  • Delivers results through adaptive technology and research-based instructional strategies.
  • Meets ESSA Tier 1 standards for quality of evidence regarding efficacy.

Currently Available for Pre-K Through 2nd Grade

Placing the Science of Reading into the PMLE framework, My Reading Academy is a solution that inspires and guides students to master every element of complete reading instruction:

  • Provides a variety of instructional experiences for emerging readers.
  • Emphasizes phonological awareness and phonics concepts through focused instructional videos.
  • Builds vocabulary through listening comprehension, direct instruction, and guided practice.
  • Sustains engagement through interactivity, adaptive challenges, and ongoing feedback.
  • Supports classroom teachers with embedded professional development.

Currently Available for Pre-K Through 2nd Grade