Students Love the Experience.
Teachers Value the Results.

My Math Academy is the comprehensive, standards-based program that’s been proven to help students achieve mastery and teachers accelerate learning:

  • Captivates students with lovable characters and playful activity contexts.
  • Meets students wherever they are in their math learning.
  • Personalizes the learning path with fun, just-right challenges specific to individual learning progress.
  • Assesses each student’s progress at every point.
  • Recommends student groupings and targeted instruction for groups.
  • Delivers results through adaptive technology and user-centered research.
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Addresses Learner Variability

My Math Academy meets individual needs to address learner variability at scale by immediately assessing what students know or don’t know and creating a personalized learning path with just-right challenges specific to their learning progress. The program also gives educators real-time insights on student accomplishments and points of struggle and provides actionable instruction recommendations and guidance on student groupings.

Addition and subtraction lessons and practice help build confidence
Resources and tips for kindergarten classroom math lessons

Easy Implementation

My Math Academy is easy for students to use independently and in-game guidance keeps them motivated and excited to learn. The program’s seamless start-up experience provides a smooth integration with current education management systems, and standards correlations in the Dashboard help teachers ensure alignment with what’s being taught in the classroom.

Proven Results

My Math Academy is exciting, game-based supplemental learning powered by learning science and patented adaptive technology. In two randomized-controlled trials (RCTs) conducted by WestEd, an independent educational research nonprofit, students using the program for 45–60 minutes weekly across 12–14 weeks experienced significant learning gains compared to students who did not use the program. Teachers also reported a meaningful impact on students’ affinity for math and learner identity.

My Math Academy gets students excited about learning and seeing themselves as learners.