Age of Learning Launches My Reading Academy to Support Equitable Learning in Schools

My Reading Academy, grounded in the Science of Reading, provides a fully individualized, adaptive learning solution for young learners

Announcement marks expansion of Age of Learning School Solutions’ mastery programs following launch of My Math Academy, a personalized solution with proven efficacy that addresses the widely varying needs of early math learners

Los Angeles, Jan. 26, 2022 — Age of Learning, Inc., leading education technology innovator and creator of the widely popular ABCmouse online learning program, today announced the launch of My Reading Academy, an expansion of Age of Learning School Solutions’ mastery programs. My Reading Academy was specifically developed to support ongoing efforts of teachers and administrators to provide equitable instruction and accelerate learning for all students. Grounded in the Science of Reading and cognitive development research, My Reading Academy is a fully individualized, adaptive learning solution for young learners that is an ideal aid to classroom instruction, helping teachers meet every student’s needs. Its game-based learning approach blends interactivity, adaptive challenges, and ongoing feedback to sustain engagement and motivation.

The release of My Reading Academy follows the June 2021 launch of Age of Learning School Solutions’ first program, My Math Academy, a personalized, adaptive math solution with proven efficacy1 that helps young learners master essential math concepts and skills.

“Our early literacy experts have spent years developing, testing, and refining My Reading Academy to ensure we provide educators with an effective solution that puts students at the center of learning and personalizes instruction to meet the unique needs of every child,” said Paul Candland, CEO, Age of Learning. “My Reading Academy delivers a powerful educational experience that empowers teachers and is designed to accelerate student learning, and we are confident it will drive the same exceptional results that we’ve seen in classrooms, schools, and districts using My Math Academy.”

My Reading Academy incorporates every element of complete reading instruction, including concepts of print, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and monitoring. The program’s interactive, flexible formative assessments place students in a fraction of the time of traditional placement tests, leaving more time for learning. The program also continuously assesses performance to evaluate what the individual student knows, where there is a knowledge gap, and what the student is most ready to learn, presenting engaging learning activities that provide the right amount of productive struggle to maximize learning rate.

Administrator and teacher dashboards in My Reading Academy provide educators with real-time insights on student progress, accomplishments, and points of struggle, as well as actionable instruction recommendations and guidance on student groupings. My Reading Academy also offers families and caregivers access to a Family Portal that displays learning progress and recommends supplemental activities to support their child’s education at home.

My Reading Academy incorporates Age of Learning’s Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem™ (PMLE™). The PMLE blends learning science, forward-thinking technology, and effective engagement in a framework that supports the focused collaboration of students, teachers, administrators, and families. This approach creates powerful, effective learning experiences that keep students on track for success.

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1 Multiple randomized controlled trials have shown that students using My Math Academy for as little as 45 minutes a week over a 12-week period experience significant learning gains, as well as increased engagement, interest, and confidence in learning math. In a district-wide study in Texas’s Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District (HCISD), a Title 1 district, My Math Academy students were far more likely to be on track for essential math skills at the end of the school year.

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