Efficient Implementation,

Powerful Assessment

Efficient School and Classroom Implementation

Age of Learning’s Enterprise Management Solution (EMS) has been designed to give busy administrators and teachers a fast and efficient path to implementation:

  • Provides a rapid system set up and launch, typically less than a day.
  • Saves time by integrating with education management systems.
  • Delivers online and in-person training on products and workflow integration, from installation through classroom use.
  • Helps ensure ongoing success with custom installation, reporting, and more, via a dedicated support services team.
  • Provides ample math resources for teachers based on standards for mathematics.
  • Improvements and enhancements to tools are continuous, with no new installations required.
Enjoyable for students to promote education and development of knowledge

Easy Implementation Experience for Students

My Math Academy has a developmentally appropriate user interface that makes starting and using the program fun and enjoyable for students:  

  • Logging in and getting started is quick and easy.
  • Minimizes the amount of reading skills required by students so the focus is on learning mathematics. 
  • In-game guidance and support keep students moving forward and developing math skills. 

Administrator Dashboards

My Math Academy’s Administrator Dashboards give administrators data that can influence educational outcomes. Dashboards show how schools, districts, and classrooms are using My Math Academy, from weekly usage within districts to where individual students need support. The platform makes it easy to connect rosters and manage access, allowing more time for data-driven decisions. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Analyze usage at the district, school, and classroom level with powerful data dashboards.  
  • Monitor usage and mathematics performance over time. 
  • See when learning happens, whether at school or at home. 
  • Plan professional development based on student needs and meeting standards. 

Manage Access

  • Easily manage who has access to My Math Academy.
  • See how many licenses were sent and who redeemed them. 
  • Create new rosters or sync with third-party systems. 

Track Implementation

  • See how districts, schools, and classrooms are using My Math Academy and which need support. 
  • See the students and teachers who are most active. 
  • My Math Academy is easy to fit into math implementations, no matter what other programs or standards are used.

Account Management

  • Create and manage user profiles for teachers and administrators with a range of permissions. 

Monitor Student Progress

  • Understand which concepts students are learning and how teachers can help them. 
  • See how often students are learning on My Math Academy. 
  • Find which classrooms and students are performing below, at, or above grade level curriculum. 
Math teachers can track conceptual understanding and get support and education strategies

Teacher Dashboards

My Math Academy’s Teacher Dashboards allow  teachers to utilize math assessments and real-time data to deliver on-the-spot differentiated instruction. Teachers can view how students are learning, where they’re succeeding, and where they’re stuck at the lesson objective level. The platform also recommends related activities, providing helpful ideas for in-class instruction.

Monitor Students’ Progress

  • View student placement in My Math Academy, based on their mastery of skills.  
  • See the concepts students are learning, how quickly they’re progressing, and how to help them. 
  • Monitor how often students are learning on My Math Academy, whether at home or at school. 
  • Find which students are performing below, at, or above grade level. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Monitor usage and performance over time. 
  • Use recommended objective-aligned activities, designed by our curriculum experts to help spark teaching ideas. 
  • Access information that is up to date, easy to understand, and actionable for meeting standards. 

Save Time

  • View the lesson objectives that students need help with. 
  • Spend less time on math assessment.
  • Identify prior knowledge and what was recently learned to help develop math skills.
  • Group students for small group instruction with automatic suggestions based on how they’re learning and what they need to learn next. 
  • Access essential math teaching tools for success, including related offline activities, alignment to math standards, and details about students’ usage and progress. 
  • Flexible classroom set-up options make rostering quick and easy.
  • Access standards correlations on the Dashboard.
  • View points of connection to commonly used core programs.

Access Multi-language Support

  • Set the app to Spanish to support primary language and dual-language immersion classrooms.
Expertise, strategies, and lessons to align with learning standards