Addresses Learner Variability

My Math Academy’s powerful learning technology provides students of all levels with an individualized, adaptive learning path to keep them in their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The program’s learning platform works to close the opportunity gap by using dynamic, interactive assessment activities to evaluate what students know, what they don’t know, and what they’re most ready to learn. With differentiated instruction and just-right challenges specific to individual learning progress, students work toward mastery of foundational math skills and build confidence as they have fun with engaging learning experiences. 

Powerful education technology for any teacher to assess math skills and knowledge
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Mastery-Based Approach

My Math Academy utilizes a mastery-based approach and powerful adaptive learning technology to address learner variability: 

  • Requires students to master prerequisite skills and concepts before moving on to new material and accelerated math. 
  • Provides learning pathways to help struggling learners approach and exceed grade-level expectations. 
  • Teaches, provides practice, applies scaffolding, and assesses in a continuous loop until student mastery is achieved and more advanced math can be introduced. 
  • Gives students as much or as little time as needed to truly master the material and engages those who are ready for math acceleration 
  • Provides continuous assessment in games and activities using adaptive learning technology and one of the most effective learning management systems 

Scaffolded Feedback

My Math Academy is an adaptive math program that builds upon what students already know as a bridge to working on concepts they don’t yet know: 

  • Focuses on learning and applying strategies and patterns when solving problems, equipping students to approach novel problems and transfer their understanding to new contexts, facilitating math acceleration 
  • Provides just-in-time formative feedback for educators on why students are getting an answer wrong and scaffolds them to the successful completion of a problem before allowing them to move on. 
  • Gives students as much or as little time as needed to truly master the material. 
  • Accelerates progress for each learner with scaffolded instruction, regardless of skill level, helping struggling or below-level students to catch up. 
  • Provides adaptive learning with math acceleration for students who are ready for more of a challenge.
Kindergarten student advances growth potential with math and has improvement
Digital classroom materials and a learning pathway address students’ needs and capabilities

Conceptual Understanding

My Math Academy’s learning technologies ensure that students can demonstrate conceptual understanding instead of using simple memorization to execute steps they don’t truly understand: 

  • Develops students’ mathematical vocabulary with an “experience, then label” approach. 
  • Uses interactive, digital versions of classroom tools and manipulatives such as counters, base-ten blocks, ten frames, hundred charts, number lines, and more so students are hands-on with learning concepts. 
  • Provides all the benefits of adaptive learning in one learning program, compared to other learning systems
  • Shapeys introduce engaging stories and real-world situations in each Learning Activity to provide meaningful context.  
  • Provides learning analytics and real-time insights on student accomplishments and points of struggle along with actionable instruction recommendations, guidance on student groupings, and math acceleration.