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Age of Learning is proud of the rigorous and extensive research that supports the efficacy of our digital learning programs, such as ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ. We’re also thrilled to regularly hear from so many parents and teachers who tell us in their own words how important and impactful our products have been in the lives of their children and students. The selection of honest feedback we are sharing here highlights how Age of Learning products have helped to enhance kids’ academic skills and school readiness, developed academic confidence and a love of learning, built a strong foundation for academic success, and more—all while having fun!

ABCmouse Reviews

“My name is Chris Coggins and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from her safety, my child’s education is the most important thing to me. And I’m like, ‘Okay I know what I want to give her, but how do I do it?’ I started looking and I found ABCmouse.

We’ve been using ABCmouse for four years now. ABCmouse is like a virtual classroom. I essentially look at it as school before school. In the beginning she started off learning her numbers, learning her alphabet. She took to it immediately. When she got to pre-K she was just so advanced. She’s helping the other kids with their sight words and their learning. She’d get home and just continue on with ABCmouse.

I love ABCmouse because she loves it, but I also love it because she’s excelling. When she got to kindergarten her teachers were just blown away once again. Kindergarten for her was just kind of like a refresher of what ABCmouse had already given her. It feels so good to see her successful. To see her empowerment. ABCmouse is phenomenal.”


“My name is Linda Frohlich. I’ve been teaching for over nineteen years, and I’ve never seen anything like is the greatest tool I have ever used. It’s my secret to success in kindergarten. It addresses every skill that a child in kindergarten needs to learn: language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, music and art. ABCmouse is fun, it’s encouraging, and it’s completely comprehensive. It’s like having another teacher in the classroom teaching them what I need them to know, helping them learn. I have parents come in and they’re amazed by how much progress my students are making. I tell them that if every child used ABCmouse at home, they would be so prepared for kindergarten. I know that it works, because I’ve seen the results. It’s just incredible.”


“My name is Lizz. I live in Los Angeles with my husband Rich and my son Brixton. Brixton started wanting to learn very young; he was probably one and a half and I couldn’t keep up with it. I would teach him everything I knew at home. We read a lot; we went online for what we could back then. But ABCmouse just really came at a time where he just needed more.

Brixton took right to ABCmouse. It had everything from the math and the science and the reading and the writing and it’s so easy to use. It really became a part of our lives as a family. He would come home from school and be like I want to play ABCmouse. ABCmouse was always there for us. It advanced with him, it challenged him as he grew, it forced him to continue growing. Now he’s one of the top of his class. His vocabulary is off the charts. His teachers, they said, ‘He’s doing so well. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’ People ask me all the time, what did I do with Brixton? And I’m like, “‘ABCmouse.’”


“My name is Sally Guillen and I’ve been teaching kindergarten for ten years. I think the hardest part of being a teacher is finding something that will make students love to learn. It’s important to show the kids that learning is not just for school, learning could be all around you. And that’s exactly what ABCmouse. com does. is a whole world of learning. It has a customized classroom, interactive zoo, a library filled with books, music videos, math games and science challenges, puzzles, and art. Once the students are on the website, there’s something that clicks and they’re excited and you can see it all over their face, and they’re like, ‘Wow, I know the answer! I’ve got it!’ I finally found a website that will get my students motivated. I love ABCmouse. com and I would share it with anybody that’s looking for that truly amazing educational tool.”


“My name is Courtney, and I am a middle school intensive reading teacher. I’m a teacher … but I’m also a mom. I decided to start getting serious when Evelyn was two years old about her education and that’s when I introduced ABCmouse into our routine.

I totally trust ABCmouse, especially as a teacher. It has math, science, social studies, reading. ABCmouse is an expert in education. It breaks it down, like an educator would in the classroom. Taking it step-by-step, slowing down if necessary or picking up the pace a little and adding more challenge.

She went right for it and I really saw progress in her education, and now Evelyn is one of the top kids in her class. It’s been a significant tool because it helped me to instill that love of learning, from now, all the way through her educational career. As a teacher and as a parent I have a keen eye for stuff that actually works and ABCmouse works.”

Adventure Academy Reviews

“My name is Brittany. My daughter Briella absolutely loved ABCmouse. I’m proud to say that she was a graduate. She had gone through all the levels, so she asked me to download Adventure Academy for her. It’s from the same creators as ABCmouse, but it’s the next level in her education.

Adventure Academy is this amazing world, that any kid would love to be a part of. It doesn’t feel like other games that are out there. It’s an interactive experience with so many educational opportunities. On Adventure Academy, she’s always trying to level up and learn more so that she can unlock new parts of the world. Now, she’s wanting to be pushed more academically: Science, math, reading, she’s learning so many new things on a daily basis. Her love for vocabulary has grown so much. she’s saying and spelling words that someone her age would never have known before. Now, she’s told me that she wants to be a scientist and that’s because of what she’s learned from Adventure Academy. From the bottom of my heart, that makes me so proud as a parent.”


“My name is Tiffany. My son Pierce is eight years old and he is going into 4th grade.

Pierce really didn’t like reading. And he didn’t like to study or do homework because of that. It was concerning as a parent because we know how important reading comprehension is; that’s one of the biggest skills that you need for anything in life, for any career. Thank goodness for Adventure Academy.

On Adventure Academy the motive is to learn as you accomplish quests. In order to finish the quests he has to read, and it’s put in such a way where it’s a lot of fun for him. Now that he’s on Adventure Academy he loves reading. Instead of just wasting time on traditional games or TV, he’s actually learning. It is amazing.

I love the fact that Adventure Academy compliments school so well. Now he’s learning history, he’s learning social studies, he’s learning science, structures of sentences, teaching him to be more creative in writing styles. He’s learning, he’s engaged, he’s having fun. Adventure Academy is spectacular.”


“My name is Darren Sandvig. My oldest boy is 13 and my youngest is 11. And I’m a biology teacher. As a teacher, I do find that the kids who are applying themselves to learning new things all the time are better in my classroom. I want that instilled in my kids.

Adventure Academy has been an accelerator for both my kids educational experience. The videos help them with the really difficult visualizations of things like a cell or atoms. There are things that I know my sons didn’t know beforehand. I’m like “oh my gosh” that’s a high-level concept, and Adventure Academy makes it fun. Adventure Academy has Science, Math, Social Studies, English Lessons. And it melds topics together that they are finding interesting. That’s when you really learn. You don’t just learn the answer to your question, you learn a lot along the way. I am really impressed with Adventure Academy. This is something that gives them the edge. It’s fantastic.”


“My name is Diana. I'm originally from Ghana, West Africa and my family and I came here for a better opportunity. So, education was the number one thing in our household. ABCmouse was wonderful because it helped set a foundation for my kids, but Adventure Academy is just taking it to the next level. I am a homeschooling mom and it’s been really fun to use this as a tool to further their education.

The parent company for Adventure Academy and ABCmouse is made up of educators, people who know how to teach, how kids need to learn, and the core concepts that they need to know. If we're doing a science topic and I want to dive deeper, we could go on Adventure Academy and dive deeper. Their diving into the different body parts, how they work, how a body processes oxygen.

Really going into the details of these amazing topics that every kid should know, but maybe wasn’t attainable when I was a kid. And I wish I had had Adventure Academy when I was a kid.”


“My name is Holly. I taught elementary school for years and it’s so important to me that the resources I’m giving my own kids are productive and effective and fun.

We loved ABCmouse but when they started getting a little older, I felt that void of, “Now what?” And then I saw this ad for Adventure Academy. From the same creators of ABCmouse, so I already had that built in confidence. My Kids love it, and they are learning every step of the way.

On Adventure Academy kids have the freedom to learn whatever they are interested in. I can look at Graham and he’s doing math facts and exploring some secret passage while Avery is over in another wing learning about Science and History and Lainey’s lost in the library.

My kids will say things to me that I’m like, “how do you know about Hunters and Gatherers, cloud formations, tell me about the constellations.” Oh yeah, I learned that on Adventure Academy. Then I’m like good job mom.

It just gives them an extra boost to help them feel so confident and positive about learning in general. I’m just really grateful to have Adventure Academy.”

ReadingIQ Reviews

“My name is Tiffany Hudson. My son is seven, second grade. Reading is a requirement, 20 minutes, every single day, and ReadingIQ makes it so much easier. There’s a whole library there. He can pick whatever he wants that day, at that moment.

I was blown away because normally I get some kind of negotiating, ‘can I do it later?’ but with ReadingIQ he was happy to do it. The last two nights he’s read his 20 minutes before we even got home. ReadingIQ is fantastic.”


“Sage’s school has a requirement that every student read thirty minutes a day and so ReadingIQ is awesome. Its keeping track of every kid’s individual progress. It is the best reading app.”


“There are thousands of books on ReadingIQ. My daughters are engaged, they like to explore the different categories. They’re learning something along with being entertained. It opens up their world.”


“I could tell from the moment the kids started using ReadingIQ that they were enjoying reading. There's so much more of a selection than we have at home. They're ReadingIQ app brings excitement and joy to reading. And as parents, we love seeing that.”

We hope you enjoyed this small sampling of Age of Learning product reviews. We’ll continue to share new feedback we think you’ll enjoy, so come back soon.