Accelerating Math Through Research-Based Design

My Math Academy is Age of Learning’s patented, adaptive program that supports foundational math skills and helps inspire a love of learning.

Start Your Week With Monday Math Talks

A New Professional Learning Series
Join Age of Learning and renowned subject matter experts every Monday to address math learning for PreK-2 grade students. Monday Math Talks are held virtually via Zoom. Register for one or all of our upcoming programs below!

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A Principal’s Journey to Student Achievement:
A Spotlight on Crockett Elementary School,
with Principal Linda Molina, Crockett Elementary School, Harlingen CISD, Texas

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Precise Placement and Student Engagement: The Key to Student Growth, with KP Thai, Ph.D., Director of Learning Sciences and Analytics, and Diana Hughes, Vice President of Product, Age of Learning School Solutions

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Student Achievement Starts at the School Level: A Spotlight on Sallie Jones Elementary School, with Jennie Hoke, Principal; Michelle Jensen, Building-Level Technology Facilitator; and Jenny James, Kindergarten Teacher, Sallie Jones Elementary School, Charlotte County School District, Florida

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Actionable Real-Time Data for Principals and Teachers to Support Student Growth for All Learners Speakers: Katy Sinclair, M.Ed., Implementation Manager, and Jessica Bobo, M.Ed., Director of Product Management, Age of Learning School Solutions

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The School-to-Home Connection to Student Success and a Love of Math Speaker: Anastasia Betts, Ph.D. candidate, Vice President of Curriculum Design, Age of Learning School Solutions

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Inspiring Young Learners to Love to Learn Math: Strategies for Enhancing Early Math Instruction with Game-based Learning and Personalized Placement. Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Palacios, National Board Certified Teacher

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Implementing Personalized Instruction to Drive Equitable Learning: How to Create a Holistic Approach that Centers on the Ecosystem of the Student. Speaker: Dr. Meagan Rothchild, Ph.D. Senior Director Design Research

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Providing Access and Equity for All Children with Personalized Learning Solutions Aligned to State and Federal Standards Speaker: Sunil Gunderia, Chief Innovation Officer, Age of Learning

A Must Have Back To School Tool For Early Learners

To address achievement gaps in pre-K to second grade students, Age of Learning created My Math Academy, an award-winning, adaptive program that features embedded assessment, personalized instruction and offline activities that make math more fun and relatable.

How Shapeys Are Reshaping Math Learning

For years, children have loved learning alongside ABCmouse, and now they’ll love learning math with My Math Academy’s Shapeys. Students stay engaged while learning essential math concepts and skills as they work through games with the Shapeys at their own pace.

Improve Focus And Concentration

Adaptable, interactive game-based design and lively Shapey characters keep students engaged in learning.

Increase Math Confidence

Dynamic scaffolding is embedded within the games as students need assistance. This just-in-time support helps students master concepts through additional learning activities.

Make Math More Fun And Relatable

Truly fun gameplay is challenging without being overwhelming, and the same is true of good instruction! My Math Academy’s Personalized Mastery Learning SystemTM ensures every child reaches and stays in their “just right” zone for optimal fun and learning.

Feature Real-World Scenarios

Realistic game activities situate math in meaningful scenarios so children can see how it can be used in everyday life.
  • For Educators
  • For Parents

Math Learning You Can Oversee As Easy As 1, 2, 3

My Math Academy’s patented, real-time dashboards let teachers and administrators monitor progress at the school, classroom and student level. Teachers can quickly and easily track which concepts students have mastered and identify areas for extra help.

Built using an iterative, design thinking approach,
My Math Academy features:

  • Detailed, real-time teacher tools
  • Masterful game-based lessons
  • Coursework that meets state and national standards
  • Best-in-class instructional techniques
  • Real-time performance data
  • Progression tracks by knowledge level (not grade level)

Math Learning You Can Oversee As Easy As 1, 2,3

The Parent Center allows parents and caregivers to track their child’s progress in real-time. It helps parents understand why their children are learning specific skills and provides offline, curated learning activities that are structured to be a collaborative experience between the child and family.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Parent coaching videos
  • Offline enrichment activities
  • Extra credit opportunities

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Learning Opportunities Multiplied

Developed using the latest science on how children learn, My Math Academy is proven to significantly accelerate learning gains with as little as 45 minutes of use per week. Learn more about how Harlingen Schools doubled and tripled their math learning outcomes with My Math Academy!

Learn more about how Harlingen Schools doubled and tripled their foundational math learning outcomes with My Math Academy!


"I love the content. I love the curriculum. It is so age-appropriate. I love the little Shapeys, and I love what they’re doing. The kids think they’re playing a game. They’re really happy and they want to get on it. I love that it’s so adaptive to their own path...My Math Academy closes the gaps."

- Pre-K teacher
"The teacher dashboard is an amazing tool for our educators when it comes to planning their math instruction. With the guidance of the teacher dashboard, teachers can truly individualize instruction which has helped our students succeed tremendously!"

- Instructional Coach
"My principal was really impressed with the results at the end of the year, but even monthly, many of the children showed a lot of gains. I didn’t change how I taught my lesson, but they started using My Math Academy and felt more excited about math."

- Kindergarten teacher
"The fact that the program’s tools group the students for you automatically saves the teacher tons of time because students are already being placed where they need to be versus us having to go and figure out where they saves me a ton of work and time."

- First grade teacher
"My Math Academy explains things before students start playing a game. Even when a student said it was hard, they weren't coming and asking me how to do it. They knew they needed to keep playing because the game would help them figure it out — I thought that was really good."

- First grade teacher

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