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Addressing Learning Gaps One Game At A Time

Addressing Learning Gaps One Game At A Time

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) in southern Texas, partnered with Age of Learning to address math learning gaps among pre-K students. The program, which ran from September through June, was implemented in 17 schools throughout the district, beginning with 100% remote instruction and ending with 67% on-site learning as the year progressed.

Using Age of Learning's My Math Academy program, Harlingen CISD educators focused on student engagement and numeracy goals such rote counting, number naming, counting sets and operations. Teacher and parent empowerment was also key as Harlingen CISD wanted to provide instructional support for teachers using real-time data and assessments to guide differentiated math instruction, and at-home math practice and capacity building for families.

Pre-K Students



Title 1 Schools


Title 1

Categorized As At Risk And Needing Intervention


Categorized As At Risk And Needing Intervention

When Results Count My Math Academy Delivers

In six short months, Harlingen CISD educators saw astounding improvements across the board in their pre-K classrooms.

  • 3x

    Skills Increased For Prek3 Students
  • 95%

    Teachers Reported Positive Impact On Students
  • 43

    Minutes Per Week
  • 95+

    Teachers Want To Continue Use In Class
Skill levels increased by 3x for PreK3, 2.7x for PreK4, 1.4x for K
Teacher Survey Results - Equity

Coming Together To Celebrate District-Wide Math Success

HCISD Board Meeting – Harlingen Texas – My Math Academy

"My principal was really impressed with the dashboard results at the end of the year, but even monthly, many of the children showed a lot of gains. I didn’t change how I taught my lesson, but with My Math Academy they started feeling more excited about math."

- Kindergarten teacher

"I love the content. I love the curriculum. It is so age-appropriate. I love the little Shapeys, and I love what they’re doing. I love that it’s so adaptive to their own path…I was seeing a student, who was counting sets, where I have others that are just doing 1 through 5. It is paced differently according to their understanding.My Math Academy closes the gaps."

- Pre-K teacher

The Math Solution Proven To Meet The Needs Of Individual Learners

Designed with educators and learning standards in mind, My Math Academy is a truly unique adaptive learning platform that monitors students’ knowledge through embedded assessments, customized direct instruction and formative feedback. This combination creates individualized learning paths that lead students toward mastery of foundational math skills in pre-K through second grade.

  • Mastery-based instruction on essential math concepts and skills
  • Embedded assessment
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Teacher dashboard (apps available on iOS and Google Play)
  • Offline activities that deliver an individualized experience
  • Embedded Assessments with Instruction
  • Gameplay that supports the Zone of Proximal Development

Take The Next Step To Reshaping Early Math Learning

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