Elizabeth Lattanzio, MetaMetrics

Rebecca Friendly, Age of Learning

ABCmouse® and ReadingIQ™ Partner with MetaMetrics® to Include Lexile® Reading Level Measures, Helping Millions of Children Build a Love of Reading and Stronger Literacy Skills

Partnership empowers educators and families to select appropriately leveled books for young readers

Durham, N.C., and Los Angeles, February 5, 2019 – MetaMetrics and Age of Learning, Inc., announced today that Age of Learning’s Early Learning Academy, the leading digital learning resource for children, and ReadingIQ, a world-class digital library with thousands of titles for kids 12 and under, now include Lexile measures for their digital books. This partnership enables educators and families to easily find books for every child’s individual reading level, based on the widely adopted Lexile reading metric.

Reading is a foundational step in education, yet 63 percent of U.S. fourth graders are not reading at grade level, according to the Nation’s Report Card. A recent Age of Learning study found that children don’t spend enough time reading outside of school, and two-thirds of parents don’t know their child’s reading level, making it difficult to provide appropriate reading materials.

The Lexile metric’s leveling system helps teachers and parents find books that are at an appropriate reading level for their children. An estimated 35 million children in the U.S., including more than half of all elementary students, receive Lexile measures from national, state, and local tests.

The integration of the Lexile framework into ABCmouse and ReadingIQ makes these programs even more powerful resources for the millions of families and teachers who use them to find books to engage and delight young readers.

“Age of Learning’s ABCmouse and ReadingIQ help educators and parents instill a love of reading in children,” said Malbert Smith, CEO, president, and co-founder of MetaMetrics. “With Lexile measures incorporated into these products, educators and parents are empowered with valuable information to ensure their children are connected with appropriately leveled books for building strong literacy skills.”

Age of Learning recently launched ReadingIQ, an advanced digital library that gives families and teachers access to thousands of high-quality, high-interest books for children ages 12 and under. Age of Learning’s flagship product ABCmouse offers more than 10,000 engaging learning activities that encompass all key academic subject areas for children ages 2–8, including thousands of books. Leading education researchers have completed several large-scale studies, including multiple randomized control trials, that show ABCmouse accelerates learning and helps children make significant gains in key early literacy skills.

In both ReadingIQ and ABCmouse, users can set the Lexile ranges to offer children the option of choosing books that correspond to their Lexile scores.

“ReadingIQ is a uniquely powerful tool that allows me to meet the diverse needs of my students,” said Vicki Fishman, an elementary school teacher from California. “My students have greater success with books that are matched to their abilities. By using ReadingIQ’s leveling feature, I can differentiate for the varied levels in my class and help students find the joy in reading.”