We know it takes the right team of experts to make the best children’s educational products possible: That’s why we need you!

PlayCrew​ FAQs

About Playcrew

PlayCrew is a special team of parents, children, and educators who serve as experts for product development at Age of Learning, Inc. We rely on PlayCrew to give us quality feedback on the latest Learning Activities, educational games, and apps that Age of Learning is developing for children. Members of PlayCrew may also provide us with information about what it’s like to be a parent, learner, or teacher in this day and age. The better we understand your perspective, the better we can be at creating useful, fun, and educational products for learners everywhere!

To join, click here to access the membership form. After joining PlayCrew, you will be added to our database and will receive a confirmation email.

As we develop products, our game designers and producers often have questions about the child and parent experiences. In order to address these questions, the research department partners with our game designers and producers to get answers. That’s where you come in—we need experts like you! Our PlayCrew members provide valuable feedback that helps shape the educational products we are developing. All research materials, including any data collected, are securely stored. Learn more about our data security policy here.

No. PlayCrew membership is completely free.

To refer a friend to PlayCrew, simply copy and send this link: https://www.ageoflearning.com/playcrew

Personal Information and Data Security​

We will contact you when relevant study opportunities are available. You will only be contacted for research opportunities and not for Age of Learning promotions.

Yes, we take your and your family’s privacy very seriously. All research materials, including our PlayCrew database and any data collected from research sessions, will be kept on secure computers and servers. Only approved staff who are involved in research recruitment or IT functions have authorized access to our secure database. We will not sell your information, or share your information with third parties except where necessary for research or technical operations. You will also have the opportunity to review our User Research Parent, Guardian, or Teacher Consent Form containing our privacy policies each time you are recruited for a research session. If you have any privacy questions or concerns, please contact us at PlayCrew@aofl.com.

Please email PlayCrew@aofl.com if you would like to update or change your information.

To remove your information from our database, simply email your request to PlayCrew@aofl.com.


We will contact you when you and/or your child qualify for research opportunities. If you qualify, you’ll be able to choose the study dates and times that work best for your schedule. We will only use your contact information to connect with you about research opportunities.

We will only contact you when there are relevant study opportunities that you may qualify for or to provide you with study details and scheduling information.

The best way to contact our team is via email at PlayCrew@aofl.com

Remote Research

Remote research means that participants do not need to go to a research facility. This type of research may include web/phone interviews, surveys, and questionnaires.

We will contact you if you qualify for a remote research session. You can participate from the comfort of your home and use your own phone or digital device. You will also be informed of any requirements before you begin a study.

You may need access to the internet on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, depending on the study we are conducting. For some research appointments, you will need a built-in camera and microphone.

In-Person Research

In-person research includes sessions where participants meet directly with researchers. Most in-person research is conducted at the Age of Learning research facility; however, some research studies may take place at other locations, including libraries, offices, schools, or homes.

We routinely conduct guided play sessions with kids, as well as parent interviews, educator interviews, and other learning-focused research for our educational products. Occasionally, we also conduct focus groups.

In-person research opportunities are most often on-site appointments with parents and children who come to the Age of Learning research facility. These sessions are generally conducted on Monday through Thursday afternoons. Sessions are normally 45 minutes long and start at 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. Other types of in-person research may fall outside this schedule.

The Age of Learning research facility is located in Glendale, CA, but we do have other in-person research opportunities in the surrounding area. We will provide the location information that is specific to your research when scheduling your appointment.

Yes! We validate parking for our office building’s parking garage.


Depending on the research, you and/or your child may receive a gift card, a gift bag, and/or subscriptions to family-friendly products.

Please note that all monetary incentives should be reported as income for tax reporting purposes regardless of whether or not a 1099-NEC is issued.  For any non-employee receiving aggregate payments of $600 or more during a calendar tax year, A W-9 will be required to be completed by the recipient before any monetary incentives are distributed. Please consult your tax advisor with any questions or concerns. 

PlayCrew members are our valued contributors who help us craft the next generation of excellent education products. Members may get early access to products that haven’t been released to the general public. In addition, our research studies are planned with the utmost care in hopes that participants have a positive and enjoyable experience.